Coupon Generation

Distribute coupon and prize codes to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to buy again

You provide the codes, VCONTEST hands them out

Choose how codes are doled out
You decide how your coupon codes will be distributed. Award 
codes as contest prizes or give one to everyone who submits a form. You can also send unique codes to everyone on your email list. The possibilities are endless.

Email coupon codes immediately after entry or later on
Email unique coupon codes to your entrants. With our email marketing tools, you can deliver codes to entrants via an autoresponder or send them to your entire list at once using a scheduled email.

Generate enthusiasm with a scratch and win giveaway
What is it about scratch-off lottery cards that makes them so much fun? Bring that same feeling of surprise to your instant win contest with our Scratch and Win template. Entrants submit a form to receive their virtual scratch-off card, then scratch the card to see if they won.
Learn How X Company Used Social Media, Giveaways, and Coupon Codes to Put Some Bling in Their Bottom Line
Provide exclusive access to content with invite-only landing pages
Incentivize people to sign up for your email list with private events, subscriber-only giveaways and more. Send out contest or event registration invites that are only accessible via links clicked in your email. This rewards loyal customers and helps you grow your lists.
Set up your CONTESTS using our templates
(Coming Soon) Our Contest templates are simple to update to complement your brand. Just update images, the entry form and text to make it your own, then add your rules and voilà — you’re ready to publish.

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