O2O Foot Traffic to Retail

Find leads that convert at your retail (Offline) from Online

Collect more leads and connect with your prospects using contests and attention-grabbing social media campaigns. Retain offline clients interactively too!

Make your booth stand out
It is not easy getting customers to write their name and phone on a piece of paper. Spice things up with a digital contest giveaway! Do that by scanning a QR code on their phones or a device you provide. As a bonus, all the data you collect is in one easy-to-access and downloadable list so you can take the manual work out of adding to your email list.

Check out how we created a QR scanning contest
for Happy Lemon offline retail.
Learn about your customers
Want to collect more data about your visitors? Digital giveaways contests and lead generation forms are the easiest to achieve this. You can choose what information you want the customers to provide in order to enter your contest or gain access to your discount. Remarket these customers again with newsletters, sms or whatsapp notifications!

Interact with more customers
You can’t possibly engage with everyone who visits your store; however, this doesn’t mean you can’t get their informations. Encourage them to enter your contest, then send them a gift that they can redeem immediately! Oh, and also capture their data at the same time!

Set up your CONTESTS using our templates
(Coming Soon) Our Contest templates are simple to update to complement your brand. Just update images, the entry form and text to make it your own, then add your rules and voilà — you’re ready to publish.

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