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Reward customers before they make a purchase

Use contests and coupons to entice buyers to make a purchase
Turn visitors into customers with exclusive coupons
Don’t let visitors leave your event without getting their email. Use a QR link contest encourage visitors to sign up for your mailing list to receive an exclusive coupon code. VCONTEST can collect the email address and send a unique code via email to each person who signs up.
Build your list with a VCONTEST
Sweepstakes and instant win contests are powerful lead generation tools. Add them to your offline events to drive traffic and increase time on site. Give away your products or gift cards to your online store as prizes to make sure your new list is full of likely customers.
Learn How X Company Used O2O To drive more foot steps to their outlets.
Leverage your contest entries
Contest entries that include email addresses are valuable, so don’t let these new leads go to waste. Instead, ask participants to subscribe to your mailing list! Keep your subscribers updated on the latest offers, events, contests and news.
Set up your coupon code using our templates
(Coming Soon) Our Contest templates are simple to update to complement your brand. Just update images, the entry form and text to make it your own, then add your rules and voilà — you’re ready to publish.

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